Project Support

At TX BBG Consulting, we understand that large-scale and specialty projects can add significant demand to the staff in your building department. Consequently, our project support service aims to provide your staff with a shortterm augmentation service.

This service delivers the resources and expertise required to safely handle large or unique projects without compromising the quality your community deserves. Our team of certified personnel operates as an extension to your city, allowing us the ability to help your staff with a wide range of projects.

Project Support services include:

  • Plan Review.
  • Inspections.
  • On-Demand Virtual Inspections.
  • Engineering Review.
  • Public Sector:
    • HUD Inspection, Assessment, and Plan Review Services.
    • Building Code Compliance.
    • Job Site Maintenance Services.
    • Plumbing Code Compliance.
    • Mechanical Code Compliance.
    • Electrical Code Compliance.

Plan Review

Whether you are facing a shortage of certified staff, navigating unpredictable growth, dealing with a fluctuating workload, or need additional technical expertise, TX BBG Consulting offers a comprehensive building plan review service that meet your needs. We have the technical experience and resources necessary to handle and complete plan review projects of any size and complexity on your designated timeline.

We understand that services in Building and Community Development Departments are constantly on-demand and subject to dynamic seasonal and economic swings; therefore, our service aims to provide support through these fluctuating activity levels while also supplementing the workforce with necessary technical and administrative resources.

Our services include:

  • Complete building code compliance reviews for commercial, industrial, and residential structures.
  • Adherence to adopted codes and local amendments.
  • Personalized plan review formats – including electronic reviews, if desired.
  • ICC-certified and experienced plans examiners.
  • Structural Engineering reviews and resources.
  • A process that focuses on problem-solving, effective communication, and high-quality service.
  • Progress reports and online tracking system.
  • Disciplines reviewed include Building, Mechanical, Plumbing, Electrical, Accessibility, Energy Conservation,
    and Fire protection systems (including sprinklers).

Building Code Inspections

At TX BBG Consulting, our team of certified and licensed building and trade inspectors provide an accurate building code inspection service your community can depend on. We work hard to perform consistent code compliant inspections to ensure construction conforms with approved plans and applicable local codes, amendments, and ordinances.

Additionally, we believe that an educational and informative approach is the most effective way to improve the customer experience; therefore, our team also provides an on-site consultation service to citizens and contractors. When you contract with TX BBG Consulting, our team of highly qualified inspectors ensure compliance and community safety in all our building and trade inspections.

Services include:

  • Inspections completed (pass or fail) by the following business day after scheduled.
  • After hours, weekend, and holiday inspections available.
  • Direct individual cell phone contact with all field inspectors.
  • On-Demand virtual inspections.

On Demand – Virtual Inspections

At TX BBG Consulting, we provide quality inspection services at your jurisdiction’s convenience. We understand that certain unforeseen circumstances such as natural disasters and emergencies create the need for virtual inspections and our team of professionals are on-call for you.

To learn more about how to schedule Virtual Inspections, please contact us using the form below and a trusted member of our team will contact you shortly.

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